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Human-centric design
We design complex technological capabilities into easy-to-use, dynamic, interactive and intuitive user experiences.
Flexible design process
Whether it’s a long product cycle or a short sprint, our work process is adaptable and made-to-measure.
Understanding code helps us work in tandem with product teams to address possible technical challenges way before they go into code.
We cover all the bases
Small companies often haven’t established a fully staffed marketing team. Whether you require trade-show booths, logos or collateral, we do it all.
Continuous integration
Our roots are in development, and we design through rapid concepting and testing. We only use best practices, proven and validated, and don’t cut any corners.
Part of the team
No matter where in the world you’re located, we ultimately become organic members of your team. We’re just a Skype/Zoom/phone call away for a one-on-one chat or a group call.
Grow together
Our skill set and tools offer an ongoing productive solution, adapting to your ever-evolving and growing product, team and company objectives.
UX consulting
Our tailor-made approach to UX consulting and design review provides perspective through undiluted feedback to gain insights at any stage of a project.

Define, validate, design.

Kickoff Meeting

Whether we meet at your location, over Skype or on the phone, we’ll start by establishing your business and product goals, structuring them into a project plan, and defining milestones and timelines to set the wheels in motion.

Research & Discovery

For us, product research is about wanting to understand your product really well, digging in to your users, market, ecosystem, technical challenges and opportunities.

Having identified your MVPs, we’ll keep them front and center at all times. We want to know how users interact with your current product and what matters most to them.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Whether we start from your detailed PRD or a crude sketch of concept, we wrap up this phase having established a hierarchy of features to align the interface design with your product’s core concepts of user experience and architecture demands.

Ours is no design-in-a-vacuum – we work together with your developers to address technical challenges that may come up in implementation.

Visual Design

Once we put together the blueprint for all screen components, we give it its pixel-perfect design within a meticulously structured design system, derived, if need be, from your brand’s already established visual presence.

The end result is a detailed style-guide and documented component library that will ensure coherence across user-platforms and devices.

Connecting the Dots

As all the pieces fall into place, we work in sync with your team to turn the design into code. Together we sprint through implementation – refining, testing, reviewing, validating, tweaking and answering questions.

Most importantly, products are dynamic entities. We’re here for the long run – seeing it evolve over time, following up, and supporting your product through its ongoing development-design cycles.

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Trusted by great companies.

We’ve been fortunate to work with brilliant clients in creating some truly amazing functionality. Over more than a decade we've gained a great deal of experience through ongoing work worldwide with startups of every stage, well established companies, dev & product teams in all shapes and sizes, across various niches, fields, channels, mediums and disciplines.

CTERA Networks
CTERA enables enterprises to deploy secure cloud file services and modernize legacy IT infrastructure. We’ve been continuously working with its teams on multiple products, applications, end-user interfaces, websites, print materials and marketing assets.
Teams Product, Dev, Marketing
CloudShare provides a cloud-computing platform for developing and testing IT applications, software and systems. We’ve been continuously working with its teams on multiple products, applications, websites and marketing assets.
Teams Product, Dev, Marketing
Tradency is a financial technology provider of innovative trading solutions. We’ve worked with Tradency on multiple product and applications, and have provided a full range of brand, design and UX services.
Teams Product, Dev
Algomizer develops online marketing tools for SMBs. We helped their product team reimagine their product and transform their technological capabilities into a well-structured, user-friendly product.
Teams Product, Dev, Marketing
Wind River
Wind River is a world leader in embedded software for intelligent connected systems. We designed Wind River’s IoT data visualization tool, working closely with its developers and product team.
Teams Product, Dev
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Teva is an Israeli multinational pharmaceutical company, specializing primarily in generic drugs. We’ve worked on multiple projects with its IT security team.
Teams IT security
Orad Hi-Tec Systems
Orad Hi-Tec Systems was a world-leading provider of real-time video graphic solutions. We worked with its product team to transform its desktop based real-time video production editor into a native user-friendly web-based solution.
Teams Product, Dev
Aqua Security
Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their virtual container environments. We’ve been continuously working with its teams on multiple products, UX consulting, websites, print materials and marketing assets.
Teams Product, Marketing
Galcon is a leading manufacturer of smart monitoring and controlled irrigation solutions for homeowners, professionals and agriculture. We’ve defined, structured and designed Galcon's cloud app, working closely with its developers and product team.
Teams Product, Dev
Intel develops technologies, products and initiatives. We worked with several of its product and IT teams to define, outline, design and structure multiple products, technology demos and services.
Teams Product, IT, Dev
Experitest’s products enable web and mobile application testing on real mobile devices and browsers. We’ve worked with its product team on multiple products, applications and websites.
Teams Product, Dev, Marketing
ReconGate develops technologies to aggregate and analyze data sources, to gain big-data-driven insights. We’ve worked with its product team to define, structure and design multiple products.
Teams Product, Dev
Cellwize provides network optimization solutions to mobile operators. We’ve been working with its marketing team on multiple projects including trade show booths, websites, print materials and marketing assets.
Teams Marketing
Medorion's platform enables healthcare organizations to efficiently carry out persuasive digital campaigns. We provided a full range of branding, marketing, website design and UX consulting services.
Teams Product, Marketing
Hover Lead
Hover Lead helps digital marketers to convert site visitors into leads and improve conversions. We provided a full range of branding, marketing, website design and product consulting services.
Teams Product, Marketing

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